Houston Radio Station Fires All 47 Employees to Play Beyoncé 24/7

Houston Radio Station Fires All 47 Employees to Play Beyoncé 24/7

A Houston-based radio station has decided to lay off 47 of its employees and retire its news broadcasting program to stream around the clock Beyoncé hits instead.

News92 FM Reports the News for the Last Time – Changes to an ‘All-Day All-Beyonce Radio Station’ http://t.co/WEDL2sSQ3r

— Houston Style (@houstonstyle) October 9, 2014

News92 is Houston’s first all-news radio network, and this was its mission statement prior to the decision to air commercial-free Beyonce and Jay Z duets, rather than inform the public about topical events.

The premise is news without bias. OK, if there’s a bias, it’s a bias toward accuracy. News 92 FM promises 100% news, zero percent spin. No talk shows. No political agendas. There’s full coverage of local, regional, national, and international news; business news, including Houston’s vital oil and gas industries, high tech and medical. 

We have our share of lifestyle and pop culture news to make sure you’re informed when you get to the water cooler. The most important aspect of an all-news station is the opportunity to bring you more than headlines. You get complete stories and in-depth interviews from Houston’s most experienced news staff who are Houston’s most recognized news personalities. The names that mean news in Houston.

Management blames poor ratings and “significant financial losses” for the transition, as they’ve apparently had difficulty attracting listeners, and they believe “Beyoncé-Radio” can save their struggling company.

“Unfortunately, the market hasn’t shown a sustainable appetite for news radio,” read a statement from the company.

News92 thanked their loyal fans, who motivated them to produce high quality content and helped them make history. 


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