William Shatner to Embark on Cross Country Trek in Custom Steampunk Motorcycle


William Shatner has created a new company, Rivet Motors, that is building custom, futuristic-looking steampunk motorcycles, and is planning to ride one across the country this coming summer.

Shatner spoke to Motor Trend about the joint venture with his Chicago-based partner, saying ,”American Wrench in Chicago and I are designing a brand-new, never-before-seen-anything-like-it motorcycle. I’ve asked them to put three wheels on it for the stability.”

Shatner posted a link to his new company’s website on Facebook, and spoke about the new project, saying, “Excited about my partnership with American Wrench in forming Rivet Motors. This is the cycle of the future.”

On the Rivet website, the machine is described as a type of “land jet.” It is “designed from the ground up as a 3 wheeled vehicle, with its exposed cockpit and command center, seating fit only for a captain and the harmonious roar of its brute V8, piloting RIVET gives you the feeling of flying on the open road.”

A video of Shatner consulting with the designers at American Wrench shows the Star Trek actor requesting difficult design challenges for the team, which includes a full canopy, and enough room to seat two people.

The video ends with Shatner describing his plans to drive from Chicago to Los Angeles on the new bike, and from the sound of it, he will be documenting the journey.

“I’ve been across this country on my thumb, in sports scars, in trucks, with a dog, with a family, but I’ve never been across the country in a motorcycle.” He finished, “I want to do that, and I’m going to do that on this new Rivet motorcycle. Why don’t you come along with me?”

Watch: What Is Rivet?

What is Rivet? from Rivet on Vimeo.


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