Seth Meyers Enjoys Being ‘Queerbombed’


Seth Meyers, delightedly told his audience this week on his NBC show, Late Night with Seth Meyers, that he had a great time in Minneapolis the week before because a bar he visited was “queer-bombed.”

Meyers recalled:

I did a show, I had my friends with me, afterwards we went back to my hotel bar to have a drink with my friends, and we walked in and the bar was really crowded, and the hostess said, “We’re really sorry; we’re really crowded tonight. If you need a drink you have to get it at the bar. We’ve been really caught off guard.”

Asked why the Marin Restaurant and Bar was caught off guard, the hostess replied, “We’ve been queer bombed.’” Meyers asked “what’s queer-bombed?”, prompting what he said was an enthusiastic response, that the LGBT community in Minneapolis will name a bar and the gay community will show up at the bar en masse.

Meyers intoned, “Let me tell you something; it’s a lot more fun when the bar you go to is being queer-bombed. I had the time of my life.”

Approached by two men, Meyers said one of them held what “looked like a “very small lightsaber” that turned out to be what the man called a “Light-up dildo.” Meyers joked, “that’s how you know it’s queer-bomb and not Comic-Con.” The man holding the dildo, Alfonso Wenker, told CBS Minnesota that Meyers “was sweet. He didn’t talk much. Very low key and chill.”

CBS Minnesota reported that the event organizer Flip Phone has been organizing “queer-bombs” in the Twin Cities since March. Wenker told CBS that “queer-bombing” did not begin in Minneapolis, but “Chad Kampe and the Flip Phone crew are giving it new life.”

Queerbombs got their start inspired by an East Coast campaign known as Guerrilla Queer Bars, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Kampe, who originated Flip Phone, an LGBT dance party that hosts performances in drag, bragged about “queerbombs,” saying, “We have the power of such a unique group. Often there are parties for each section, but there’s rarely times where everybody gets to come and be in a true mixing pot of the LGBT community.”

In March, Meyers was topped in the ratings by CBS’ The Late Late Show with James Corden in the first week Corden was on the air, despite the lead-in advantage enjoyed by Meyers, who follows The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. At virtually the same time, Meyers ripped Indiana Governor Mike Pence for his defense of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The next “queer-bomb” is planned for July 10.


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