Republicans the Big Punchline at 67th Primetime Emmy Awards


The 67th Emmy Awards on FOX, hosted by SNL alum Andy Samberg, was filled with one-liners and other comments aimed at conservatives. Most notably, was Samberg’s assertion that frontrunner Donald Trump might be a “racist.”

Many of the evening’s quips about Hollywood diversity, sexism, and ageism struggles failed to land, but anti-conservative political jokes told by Samberg and others were plentiful during the three-hour show.

“Donald Trump, of course is running for president, to the delight of uncles everywhere. I’ve got to say, sure, Donald Trump seems racist—What else?” Samberg said.

Samberg also went after Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who spent time in jail this month for refusing to grant gay couples marriage licenses, during his monologue.

“Paula Deen is on this season of Dancing with the Stars, but I gotta say, if I wanted to see an intolerant lady dance, I would have gone to one of Kim Davis’s four wedding,” said Samberg.

He added: “It’s so ironic that she came out of jail to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ when you consider how many dudes have boned each other to that song.”

Later, Julia Louis-Dreyfus took the stage to collect an award for the political satire show Veep.

Winning her 4th consecutive Emmy, the actress and comedian said, “Thank you very much to, of course, the academy. I think it would be appropriate at this moment to quote our political satire Veep:

“What a great honor it must be for you to honor me tonight,” she said. “Oh wait, oh god, I’m sorry, Donald Trump said that. Yeah, it’s getting trickier and trickier to satirize his stuff.”

Comedy Central duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele took a shot at the Republican Party by comparing the hunt for the GOP nomination to a bad reality TV show.

Doing his best Sen. Ted Cruz impersonation, Key opened up the remarks with the assistance of his co-host.

Key: A strange reality where people can’t seem to say two words without throwing each other under the bus.

Peele: A reality where a panel of millionaires fight like sharks to be chosen by average middle class Americans.

Key: And a reality where nobody is there for the right reasons.

Peele: But enough about the Republican national debate.

Samberg told the only joke aimed at a political figure not affiliated with the Republican Party, when he said Sen. Bernie Sanders “always looks like his flight was delayed.”

He added, “The guy’s a mess.”

Prior to the Emmys on Friday, Samberg was asked by The Los Angeles Times before the show if he had any Trump jokes lined up.

“I’ll feel like I’m not fulfilling my duties if there is zero Trump jokes,” said Samberg. “He is the story right now. I’m asking for a million, and I’m trying to think of my own.”

Actor Fred Savage also bid an emotional farewell to a number of outgoing TV shows known for being hostile to conservative ideas during the awards show, including The Colbert Report, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Late Show with David Letterman, and HBO’s The Newsroom.


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