WATCH: First Trailer for Robert Redford ‘Rathergate’ Movie ‘Truth’

The first trailer for the “Rathergate” movie Truth was released online last week.

Truth recounts the true story of veteran CBS News anchor Dan Rather’s fall from grace, after a 2004 report the network ran about then-President George W. Bush’s draft-dodging in the Vietnam War was found to be based on faked documents.

The incident led Rather to famously backtrack: “If I knew then what I know now, I would not have gone ahead with the story as it was aired, and I certainly would not have used the documents in question.”

Rather, longtime CBS producer Mary Mapes and three other producers were ultimately ousted from their jobs over the scandal.

Sony purchased Truth for $6 million at the Cannes Film Festival in France earlier this year. At the time, Rather told the Hollywood Reporter that he was “cautiously optimistic” that the film would handle the account of the scandal fairly.

After its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last month, Rather said he was “pleasantly surprised” by the film, calling it “very accurate.”

Truth is the directorial debut of James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man, Zodiac) and features a star-studded cast including Robert Redford, Cate Blanchett, Elisabeth Moss, Dennis Quaid, Bruce Greenwood, and Topher Grace.

Vanderbilt penned the script based on Mapes’ memoir Truth and Duty: The Press, The President, and The Privilege of Power

The film hits theaters October 16. Check out the trailer above.


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