‘Steve Jobs’ Star Seth Rogen Hate-Tweets: ‘F*ck you Ben Carson’


Seth Rogen, star of the new biopic “Steve Jobs,” used his verified Twitter account Friday to attack black Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson. “Fuck you Ben Carson,” Rogen tweeted.


Rogen did not elaborate on where this anger came from. Rogen, however, is a Leftist and the fact that Carson is a free-thinking black man is enraging many on the Left.

Black conservatives who talk about self-reliance from the government infuriate the Left. A black man who strays from the Liberal Thought Plantation is an existential threat to the Democratic Party. As we saw more than 20 years ago with Clarence Thomas, these kinds of irrational Hate Campaigns are the default position of the Left and the media when faced with an apostate.

Rogen is not alone. The hate campaign has been effectively coordinated through CNN, MSNBC, and GQ Magazine, which just yesterday published the hate-headline, “Fuck Ben Carson.”

Carson’s been attacked by the media all week for as heartless and nuts for discussing the use of self-defense in school shootings, stating accurately that tyrannies like Nazi Germany began with disarming the populace, and rejecting the Gun Control Truthers whose ideas even they admit won’t stop a single mass-shooting.

The subtext in all of these attacks is, “We’re gunna git that boy and set his mind right!”



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