‘F*ck Trump’: Rapper Killer Mike to Bernie Sanders on Trump’s ‘Facism’


In an hour-long interview, taped in November, Atlanta-based rapper Killer Mike sat down with Bernie Sanders and discussed gun-control, marijuana legalization, and leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whom he called a “fascist” and compared to Adolf Hitler and early twentieth-century Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

Part one of their six-part confab covered economic freedom. Sanders said he believes Americans should be provided free health care, free tuition at public colleges, and a living wage.

Part two involved a conversation about how, according to Sanders, “incredible greed” has created a world “where you have people living out on the streets and some people making billions.”

Part three piled on and delved into America’s “rigged economy,” controlled by the “ruling class,” which sends “almost all of the new wealth and income to the top one percent,” Sanders said.

Parts five and six cover health care and party politics.

The fourth part of the interview turned to Donald Trump, of whom Killer Mike said, “I played Mexico City yesterday, and I yelled, ‘F*ck Trump!’ and basically, 20,000 Mexican citizens repeated it.”

“How dangerous is it that a man just got beat up at his political rally?” the rapper asked in reference to the Black Lives Matter activist who was escorted from a Trump rally in November, but, as Breitbart News reported, was not beaten.

“People are angry, and they’re frustrated,” Sanders replied. “So somebody like Trump comes along, and what does he say? He says, ‘You’re angry, and you’re frustrated? It’s that black guy over there.'”

“It’s those Mexican immigrants,” Killer Mike added.

“Yeah. They’re criminals, and they’re rapists! We got to keep them out,” Sanders said. “Or, ‘You know what? It’s the Muslim across the street. You know that woman who has the thing on her head? That’s your enemy right there.’ And you play on people’s fear and anxiety: ‘It’s the Jews, and it’s the Irish and the Italians.'”

“It amazes me that people run from you and say, ‘He’s a socialist,’ but they embrace Trump’s philosophy that’s gratuitous fascism,” Killer Mike said as Sanders nodded in agreement.

“It is fascist to run identity checks on people, essentially giving them electronic scarlet letters,” the rapper said, referring to the U.S. immigration application and identification process. “That is Mussolinian. That is Hitlerian.”


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