Report: Trump Inauguration Singer Jackie Evancho Offered ‘Lucrative’ Record Deal


Teenage opera singer Jackie Evancho is reportedly fielding multiple record deal offers after being announced as a performer at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“Three record labels were suddenly courting her,” the 16-year-old singer’s publicist, Kim Jakwerth, told the New York Post‘s Page Six of the industry’s interest in Evancho after it was announced she would perform the National Anthem at Trump’s inauguration on January 20. “The contract could be announced next week.”

Evancho — who rose to fame after a stint on America’s Got Talent in 2010 — has seen sales of her previous albums shoot up over the past few weeks as she has faced withering criticism on social media.

Other performers scheduled for the inauguration — including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the iconic New York dance company The Rockettes — have been the subject of petitions and online pressure to cancel their performances.

Evancho apparently won’t bow to similar pressure.

“She’s doing it for her country,” Jakwerth told the paper. “She’s 16. She can’t vote. It’s an offer that came to her, and she’s excited.”

As Evancho’s album sales have soared, left-leaning media outlets have attempted to downplay the impact that the inauguration announcement may have had on the boost. Outlets like Vanity Fair and the Huffington Post questioned whether the sales boost may have been due to the fact that the singer’s album was a Christmas album, and so it sold especially well around the holidays.

“Of course, Trump had impact,” Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor told FOX411. “The media wouldn’t give credit to Trump if he personally cured cancer, discovered alien life and fed all the world’s hungry.”


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