‘Daily Show’s Trevor Noah: ‘We Still See Ourselves as Fake News’

Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Comedy Central

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has revealed that the show’s producers still consider themselves to be “fake news,” and believe the term was stolen from them by President Donald Trump.

“We still see ourselves as ‘fake news,’” Noah said at Variety‘s Entertainment and Technology Summit in New York this week. “We won’t relinquish that title even though it was stolen from us by the president.”

“Our version of fake means no holds barred news now,” he added.

At the same summit, Noah also compared Trump to a form of “comedy cocaine,” arguing that comedians risked overkill in comedy surrounding the president.

“You’ve got to look at Donald Trump as comedy cocaine,” Noah said. “A bump now and again will get you to a nice place, but you don’t want to overdose.”

A study published this week by the Center for Media and Public Affairs found Trump is on course to be the most mocked president on late-night TV in 25 years.

Since the president’s inauguration in January, CBS’s Stephen Colbert has targeted Trump 337 times, while Trevor Noah cracked 315 Trump jokes in the same period of time. NBC’s Jimmy Fallon unleashed 231 and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel 177.

Noah has been a prominent critic of Trump and his supporters since his election, previously arguing that his voters were driven by “whiteness” and “misogyny.”

In an interview with The View in February, the late-night host also described racism as something that is “hereditary,” but also suggested it should be “treated like a disease.”


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