Jackie Mason: Comey Hearing Like a ‘Funeral Where Everybody’s Enjoying Themselves’ (Exclusive)

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie ponders Thursday’s big Senate hearing starring former FBI director James Comey.

“Everybody covered it. Every station everywhere in the world, whether it was on television, radio, people without a station, anywhere you went, they covered it,” Jackie said. “Except for the cartoon channel. And they’re the only ones who should have covered it, because let’s be honest, this was the biggest joke you ever saw in your life.”

Jackie says we really only learned two things from the Comey hearing; the first is that Comey is either the most hated or the most beloved man in the country, depending on one’s political affiliation. And the second is that the American people can completely trust Comey… “except as head of the FBI.”

Jackie also wondered why the senators at Thursday’s hearing were smiling and laughing and appeared to be enjoying themselves if Comey’s testimony was as “dire” and as serious and as world-changing as it was supposed to be.

“They don’t really care what the consequences are, they don’t care what the purpose is. All they know is, this is a phenomenal thing,” he says. “Did you watch this on television yesterday? It looked like a party, it looked like a dance, like a bar mitzvah. You would think this was the happiest day in the world. You would never know this is a ‘serious problem’ that has such ‘dire, terrible consequences and possibilities.'”

“The whole world might come to an end on Thursday. Except for the fact that they’re having the best time of their lives,” Jackie continued. “You ever go to a funeral where everybody’s enjoying themselves? You ever go to any kind of situation where a person might pass away in an hour, and everybody is dancing and singing and taking pictures and flying around for cameras and having the best time of their lives?”

“These politicians are all the same,” he concludes. “They don’t care what really happens. Nothing bothers them and nothing makes any difference to them. They only care that they have a chance to be on television, they could make a party out of it and everybody can see them.”

Watch Jackie’s latest above.


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