Adele Breaks Own Swearing Record with 44 F-Bombs, 7 Shi*s at UK Show

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British pop superstar Adele fired off an astounding 56 expletives during a sold-out show at England’s Wembley Stadium this week.

Some 98,000 fans were treated to 44 “f*cks” and seven “sh*ts” as the “Hello” singer went on to break her previous swearing record of 33 at Glastonbury Festival last year.

The London crooner also managed to get in an “ass,” a “piss,” a “d*ck,” and at least one “tits” while on stage, the Sun reports.

Footage posted on YouTube shows the singer addressing the crowd in a candid and profanity-filled monologue.

“Hello Wembley,” Adele shouted at the crowd while walking out on stage. “F**k me. I have never been so f**king scared in all of my f**king life. Hello! Hello! Hello! Let me f**king see you!”

“I don’t know how to get my f***ing nerves out. I’m sh***ing myself,” she told the crowd.

“Are you ready to have a good time with me?” Adele asked to the sound of cheers and applause from the audience. “Well thought f**king sh*t. It’s a miserable show, I’ll tell you that right now,” she replied.


Controversy surrounded the 29-year-old signer even before her foul-mouthed performance at Wembley.

Adele had hinted that her current tour for her Grammy-winning album 25 might be her very last.

A signed, handwritten note tucked inside the program for the Wednesday night show at Wembley Stadium said, “I don’t know if I’ll ever tour again and so I want my last time to be at home,” according to the Associated Press.

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