Nolte: CNN, Kimmel and Colbert Make ‘Whataboutism’ Great Again to Protect Harvey Weinstein


Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that the MSM was lecturing those of us on the political right about the intellectual dishonesty of “Whataboutism?” Why, yes — yes it was. In fact, here is the leftwing Washington Post declaring “Whataboutism” a “cheap rhetorical trick.”

Apparently, though, it is only a cheap rhetorical trick when the MSM’s mortal enemies on the right utilize it. But now, in order to mitigate the fallout for Democrats over the nuclear Harvey Weinstein scandal, CNN and the Boy Kings of Late Night are Making Whataboutism Great Again!

Basically, Whataboutism works like this: “How can the MSM whine about President Trump pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio after the MSM gave Presidents Obama and Clinton total passes on their pardons of donor-fugitives, terrorists, and traitors?”

Personally, I think that is a good point. I happen to be a big fan of Whataboutism. The MSM, though, hates anything that exposes its shameless and unrelenting bias and hypocrisy, and it especially hates anything that blunts their unceasing attempts to destroy Trump.

Therefore, naturally, the MSM portrays Whatboutism as a very, very bad thing.

At least until now…

With the Harvey Weinstein scandal about to bury the Democrat Party, about to embarrass and expose Harvey’s pals, Hillary and Barack, about to ensure the War On Women narrative can never again be used against Trump or the Republicans, Whataboutism is back in style…

Note how CNN’s leftwing media pundit Brain Stelter’s first instinct was to go the full-Whataboutism in order to protect Harvey and his Democrats:

This comparison, of course, is absurd. No one is okay with what Trump said on that bus. Even Trump has said his behavior with Billy Bush is inexcusable locker room talk (and it is), but that is all it is — TALK. As far as the allegations of sexual harassment against Trump, for 35 years as a public figure we heard nothing about this. Then he runs for president (as a Republican, of course) and all these women come forward. And now they have disappeared again.

The rumors about Weinstein’s alleged misconduct are decades old, the New York Times reports that he has reached financial settlements with eight accusers, and more accusers are coming out every day.

Comparing Trump to Weinstein is like comparing a cricket to a chainsaw.

Naturally, though, those inconvenient facts did not stop Leftwing Late Night from engaging in breathtakingly  dishonest Whataboutism. After remaining silent on the Weinstein scandal, a shamed Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert were finally forced to acknowledge Hurricane Harvey, but did so only as an opportunity to attack Trump.

Colbert not only Whatabouted like a madman Monday night, he trotted out the aging Jon Stewart to give him a hand.

Kimmel was just as crazed.

Anyway, the good news is that Whatboutism is back, baby! And if the MSM again tries to claim that Whataboutism is off limits, we can whip out some Whataboutism to remind them of this Weinstein Whataboutism…

How about that!

Anyone else tired of winning?


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