Adam Baldwin to Gun-Grabbing Celebs: Time to Arm School Staff with Guns

Adam Baldwin in Chuck (2007) Photo by Mitchell Haaseth - © NBCUniversal, Inc.
Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Hours after the horrendous toll of the Florida school shooting on Wednesday became apparent, Hollywood veteran actor Adam Baldwin reacted to gun-grabbing celebrities by calling for school staff members to be armed with guns.

And this call is more than reasonable when one considers that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had two armed resource officers assigned to it, yet a killer was still able to infiltrate campus and harm innocents. Armed teachers and staff might have been able to take out the killer once he got on campus, thereby saving every life or at least saving some.

Baldwin tweeted:

Baldwin makes the point about men with guns stopping the attack because men with guns apprehended the attacker. But the critical point is that a school staff ought not be required to be sitting ducks.

Looked at another way, students ought not be required to be sitting ducks because of asinine policies that keep school staff members from being armed for self-defense.

Baldwin’s suggestion is very important for another reason, he understands that armed resource officers and armed staff are crucial to school safety.

Again, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High had resource officers but lacked the armed staff. Therefore, when the killer made it past the outside parameter there was no one on the inside who could stop him. Anyone who thinks of copy-catting the Florida attack should not only have to fear the presence of officers but should also have to frustrate themselves to near paralysis in worrying about which teachers and staff can (and will) shoot back.

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