Exclusive — Dennis Miller Says Trump ‘Rope-a-Dope’ Working: ‘If You’re Going to Be the Cool Kids, You Cannot Be Hysterical Every Day’

dennis miller

Veteran Hollywood actor and stand up comedian Dennis Miller joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily to dissect the President Trump-induced cultural and political shift that’s seen stars like Kanye West embrace the MAGA mantra and Democrats and the Left ramp up their attacks on free speech.


Marlow asked the Saturday Night Live alum if there’s anything to author Bret Easton Ellis’ argument that there’s a backlash brewing against the “leftist hysteria” in Hollywood and in Congress that will eventually result in more celebrities, such as Kanye West, rebelling against the liberal agenda.

“If you’re going to be the cool kids, you cannot be hysterical every day,” Miller said of Democrats and the activists left who are constantly campaigning for Trump’s impeachment. “If you’re saying the guy is Hitler-like or he’s a hooker junky, you’re missing the point. Because eventually the boy who cried wolf syndrome takes over and people go ‘Geez, it seems to me that Trump won on November 8th and every single day it’s the end of the world.'”

“‘And I just looked up and the unemployment rate is 3.9% and 6.6% in the black community,'” Miller says the majority of Americans are thinking amid the left’s endless attacks on Trump.

“I just think the American people, the people in the middle, are starting to say, ‘Wait a second. Settle down for a second. Can I at least see if he can pull the North Korea South Korea thing off? Because if he does, you might want to take a break on this he’s Adolf Hitler thing,'” Miller explained.

But just “because they’re on to” the flaws in their doomsday messaging, don’t expect a Democrat or prominent liberal to “be the first guy who walks in and says, ‘We’re screwing this up,'” Miller said, serving up his trademark quick wit and charm. “Because guess what. They’re going to feed on you for a while, you’re the one who’s going to get your head handed to you.”

“They run a very tight ship over there, as far as lockstep goes” Miller says of the Left and Democrats. “They make the North Korean troops look like improvisational artists.”

Indeed, Miller, the purveyor of the popular podcast called The Dennis Miller Option, believes that Trump doesn’t care about the constant calls for his impeachment because the American people, who’ve gone back to work and have seen their taxes lowered and their paychecks swell will reward the benefactor of their favorable fortunes at the ballot box in November.

“I think Trump looks at the House and says, ‘Whatever. I’m in here fighting everyday. You want to make me fight more? You want to put Pelosi back in and make her be the face of an impeachment campaign?'” Miller said. “You talk about driving people away from your cause. It’s just not going to work.”

“But right now, you can’t wake up everyday and say he had an affair with a porn star and a playmate and that’s why he needs to be impeached.” Miller said. “It doesn’t work since Bill Clinton.”

Dennis Miller later acknowledged that he’s increasingly optimistic about the future of the country under Trump, despite his personal politics.

“Believe me, I’m socially as liberal as they come but I’d like to keep half my money and I don’t trust radical Islamists as far as I can throw them,” Miller says of why he “moved on from the liberal side on certain things.”

Two years ago, Miller says, he was thinking Hillary Clinton would win and the rest would be history.

“But she so-mismanaged it and seemed so presumptuous and she didn’t seem like a good candidate,” he said of Clinton, and of Trump whom he thought, “was refreshing to hear somebody just talk with that degree of candor.”

“Now he won and I thought, ‘Well, they’re going to try to destroy him now.’ And they’ve spent a year and a half — but he’s kind of rope-a-doped. It’s like Ali in that fight in Zaire. He’s taken six rounds of punches. And I almost think now that for the first time, indeed I am, if not optimistic, I can see a path,” Miller says of the country not only surviving but perhaps thriving in the Trump era.

Miller offered the president a pair of political plays that would “etch him the Cojones Hall-of-Fame.”

“If I was Trump, I’d tell the guys in the House, start it right now” Miller says of impeachment hearings Democrats seem primed to push. “I say you’ve got nothing. I say you’re not going to impeach me. I say you’re going to play this up until the midterms and you’re going to act like it’s coming, and it’s not coming.”

Miller’s second piece of advice to Trump would be to take a billion of his own fortune “and come in with a forklift one day and a hardhat on and I have it all in currency and I’d just drop it in front of Congress and I’d say, ‘Here, here’s my billion — start the wall.”

Marlow mentioned the anxiety some of the president’s ardent supporters struggle with in wanting to see some progress on the border wall.

“Listen, I live in California,” Miller explained. “The more the merrier. Come on over from Mexico — but just sign the guest book on the way in. That’s all I’m asking.”

“What are we doing?” a vocally animated Miller said. “Whenever I see people making comments about borders in Congress I always think they’re in a clearly delineated room, in a secure building that is blocked off — they have so many lines of demarcation between them and the people they’re ruling over. And why should the people who hear this, way down in Arizona or Texas on the border, why should they not have any border protection? It just seems crazy to me.”

“The people who are always making pronouncements on the border always seem bordered off from the people that they’re making pronouncements about,” Miller added.

Marlow noted that the activist Left and Democratic lawmakers are “losing their edge” in terms of delivering a winning message to the American people and that Trump and the right have gotten better at communicating their ideas, to which the left has responded by “saying we need to shut down speech, censoring people on Facebook and Google.”

“If there is one sentiment that is more prescient than Warhol’s 15 minute admonition it was Andrew Breitbart saying politics are downstream from culture,” Miller said of the late happy culture warrior, who for years took great pleasure in filling in as a guest host on Miller’s radio show. “That was an absolutely brilliant observation.”

“I do think that kids now are reaching this odd point in where the gospel through socialism of subsidized self-reliance is not going to play for these kids. They might parrot it when they’re on campus because they don’t want to be heckled in the library or the student union or shouted down or called a hater,” Miller said.

“If I was a kid right now and they asked me why I don’t want to practice socialism, I’d use their own language to get out of it; I’d say, ‘You know why I don’t want to practice socialism, because I don’t want to culturally appropriate Venezuela.”

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