Police: ‘Heavily Intoxicated’ Heather Locklear Punched Officer

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Actress Heather Locklear was arrested Sunday evening for allegedly physically assaulting a police officer and EMT worker, according to reports.

A family member of Locklear called the police after an argument broke out at The Dynasty star’s California home. Upon arrival, authorities found a “heavily intoxicated” Locklear, who allegedly punched an officer attempting to quell the disagreement.

“Police then called for an ambulance to take Locklear to the hospital, and as the actress was being placed onto a gurney, she kicked an EMT in the chest, police said. She was later taken to jail after getting checked out of the hospital,” the New York Daily News reports.

The actress was later jailed on $20,000 bail and faces charges of battery of a police officer and emergency worker.

She is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday afternoon.

Last week, Locklear was hospitalized after reportedly threatening to commit suicide amid fears her fiancée Chris Heisser was cheating on her.

The 56-year-old entered a not-guilty plea in April on four counts of misdemeanor battery after allegedly assaulting police officers responding to a domestic violence call in Thousand Oaks, California.