Mark Ruffalo, Common Label Border Separations a ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ (Video)

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Left-wing advocacy group We Stand United released a video on Friday featuring actor Mark Ruffalo and rapper Common about the reunification of families at the U.S. southern border, with Ruffalo describing the situation as a “humanitarian crisis.”

“We are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis here on U.S. soil,” Ruffalo says in the video. “The Trump Administration has failed to comply with the court order to reunify all the families that have been separated at the U.S. border.”

“Families are still being kept apart, and children are being kept in cages,” adds Common. “We need to help these families.”

The three-minute film features footage of distraught families and humanitarian workers describing the unfavorable conditions they face. Later on in the video, there is a scene of a mother being reunited with her young son.

“This family is one of the lucky ones, but many more are not being reunited,” Common says. “And now parents are being forced to pay to get their kids back.”

The video’s release came a day after the Trump administration announced that it had reunified 1,800 children with their family members, although around 700 children remain ineligible to be reunited with their parents. Some of the reasons for this include a failure to verify their family ties or their parents having a criminal record or infectious disease.

“We made this video to show the human cost of the Trump Administration’s despicably inhumane immigration policies,” Rebecca Chaiklin and Bruce Cohen of We Stand United told The Hollywood Reporter. “The Trump Administration must immediately comply with the court order to reunify every single family they separated.”

Since the onset of Trump’s presidency, Ruffalo has been one of the many Hollywood figures active in protesting the against the Trump administration, particularly on the issue of immigration. In January, the Avengers star declared that America is a “nation of illegal immigrants” and that the only “real Americans are the indigenous people of America.”

Meanwhile, Chicago-based rapper Common has also engaged in various left-wing advocacy, even performing an anti-Trump rap at the gun control campaign ‘March for Our Lives’ for our lives back in March.

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