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Actor Chris Evans Triggered By Trump’s Mueller Probe Tweet: ‘You Don’t Read Sh*t’

Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger (Marvel, 2011)
Marvel Studios

Actor Chris Evans went after President Donald Trump on Twitter this week, saying that the president doesn’t “read shit.”

In response to President Trump misspelling the word “counsel” in a tweet, Evans tweeted, “It’s ‘counsel’, Biff. The word is ‘counsel’. I was trying to comprehend how in the world a man, even as moronic as you, can misspell a word he probably reads fifty times a day. But then it dawned on me, you probably only HEAR the word. You don’t read shit. And we all know it.”

The Avengers star’s Twitter presence is rife with anti-Trump rage. Evans recently referred to the president as a “pile of garbage with a butthole for a mouth” in a tweet.

Evans went off on Trump in an interview with Esquire last year, saying, “I feel rage. I feel fury.”

“It’s unbelievable. People were just so desperate to hear someone say that someone is to blame,” he was also quoted as saying.


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