Nolte: Media Fabricate ‘Racist Outrage’ Hoax About Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid’ Casting

Arnold Turner/Invision/AP/Walt Disney Studios.

Because there’s almost no racism in America, the media have been forced to fabricate national outrage against Disney casting a black actress as Ariel in its live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

The far-left Hollywood Reporter published this fake news:

While many people praised Halle Bailey’s casting as Ariel in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, others were not happy that a black actress had been chosen to play the role.

Gizmodo’s The Root spread these lies:

Oh yes, the whites are at it again.

The ink had barely dried on Disney’s announcement that Halle Bailey will star in the title role of The Little Mermaid when meteorologists at the White Weather Channel had to issue a flash flood warning because of a sudden deluge of white tears.

The Viacom-owned BET cooked up this whopper:

While most of Black Twitter has been rejoicing over the incredible news, some bitter fans of the original fairytale movie have taken to the site to attempt to prove why the mythical creature, whose race plays no significance in her story, must be portrayed by a white actress.

And so on, and so forth…

The good news is that like the media telling us the Hispanic George Zimmerman is white and all those hoax hate crimes, including the KKKids from KKKovington High School Hoax, all this fake news does is once again prove just how little racism there is America; how not-racist America truly is.

Because America is so not-racist, these idiots and serial liars have to fabricate racism — the same way they fabricated a “backlash” over Ocasio-Crazy’s college dancing.

America is so not-racist that in an ocean of hundreds of millions of Twitter users, in order to pretend America is racist, in order to announce that “White Twitter” is racist, these lying demagogues were only able to find a handful of nobodies with no follower counts to manufacture this hoax, this faker-than-fake controversy.

Look at the examples these so-called media professionals cite… UNVERIFIED Twitter accounts with almost no followers. In a country of 330 million, that’s all they got — UNVERIFIED anecdotes, an eye dropper of water in an ocean of no racism.

Oh, my, yes… White America despises the idea of black actors and actresses, of non-whites assuming the roles of fictional characters originated by whites.

Just look at our shameful history…

Remember all those rioting rednecks when Demond Wilson and Ron Glass assumed the roles of Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, when two black guys became the New Odd Couple all the way back in 1982?

Yeah, me neither.

Remember all the looting and burning that occurred when Cedric the Entertainer and Mike Epps dared to step into the shoes of Jackie Gleason and Art Carney as The Honeymooners?

Oh, and then all that racial tension that hung over the summer of 1999 when Will Smith became James West in The Wild Wild West. Remember how awful that was?

Yeah, me neither.

But O.M.F.G., Lucy Liu as a Charlie’s Angel!

Naomie Harris as our cherished Moneypenny!!

Denzel Washington is no Frank Sinatra!

You did what to my precious Steel Magnolias!

Not the Wizard of Oz!

Not Annie!

Not About Last Night!

Not the Karate Kid!

Cinderella! Now you’ve gone too far!

Not, not not…

All the way back in 1978, one of the most sacred and precious children’s movies ever created, The Wizard of Oz, was remade with black actors (Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Lena Horne, and Richard Pryor)…  and it was not only remade, it was produced by Motown Productions with an R&B, and Soul soundtrack and the only controversy was over the ridiculous idea of having a 34-year-old Diana Ross play a 12-year-old Dorothy.

That is how not-racist America is.

Hamilton is how not-racist America is.

Besides, every good American knows that the only requirement to play a mermaid is cleavage.


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