Rob Reiner: ‘Trump Continues to Incite Violence with His Refusal to End His Racist Campaign’

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Far-left filmmaker and activist Rob Reiner believes President Donald Trump is continuing to “incite violence” by refusing to halt his re-election campaign, telling his 723k Twitter followers that Trump has no soul and is quite literally the “face of evil.”

“After the mass slaughter in El Paso in the name of White Supremacy, Donald Trump continues to incite violence with his refusal to end his racist campaign,” Reiner tweeted. “The President of the United States has no soul. We are staring into the face of evil.”

Shortly after the El Paso shooting, which resulted in dozens of fatalities and over two dozen injured, the 72-year-old director placed the blame squarely on Trump and touted one of the far-left’s favorite fake news nuggets, accusing Trump of calling violent white supremacists “fine people.”

While it is true that a manifesto, attributed to the El Paso gunman, details the shooter’s extreme anti-immigration views, there is no evidence that his actions were inspired by the president, who has not called for violence or acts of hatred against illegal immigrants. However, the left continues to conflate Trump’s desire for basic border security with “hate.”

Interestingly, Reiner has not focused on the Dayton shooting, likely because the gunman was an avowed leftist who espoused anti-police, anti-ICE, and anti-Second Amendment views, making it more difficult to attribute his heinous actions to the president. The Dayton gunman also appeared to support Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Sen. Elizbeth Warren (D-MA), allegedly writing on Twitter that he would “happily” vote for the latter.

Sanders campaign aide Jeff Weaver released a statement Tuesday, distancing Sanders from the Dayton shooter but continuing to imply that Trump played a part in the horrific actions of the El Paso shooter– an overarching sentiment that Reiner appears to agree with.

Weaver wrote:

Anyone who thinks that political change should come from the barrel of a gun is anathema to what Bernie has advocated for decades — non-violent mass political action. Senator Sanders and our entire campaign are repulsed by the despicable massacres we have witnessed. We asked Donald Trump to condemn white nationalism and anti immigrant [sic] demonization. We are not holding our breath.

Reiner’s remarks are not new. He said on Monday that — in the event that Trump is impeached — his highest crimes will be “the incitement of violence against fellow human beings.”


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