Queen Latifah Supports Canceling ‘Gone with the Wind’ After Playing Hattie McDaniel

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Actress Queen Latifah wants to see Gone with the Wind canceled, even after she played Hattie McDaniel in a recent Netflix miniseries.

“Let Gone with the Wind be gone with the wind,” the actress said during an interview with the Associated Press.

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Queen Latifah played the Oscar-winning Hattie McDaniel in Netflix’s limited series Hollywood. But the experience clearly hasn’t endeared her to the classic movie. She said the studio repeatedly mistreated McDaniel even after Gone with the Wind became a huge success.

“Even when she got that Oscar nomination and that Oscar award, they wrote that speech for her, the studio,” Queen Latifah told the AP. “They didn’t even let her in the theater until right before she got the award. Someone came outside and brought her into the auditorium. She wasn’t even allowed to sit in there.”

Queen Latifah’s version of events differs from the accepted historical accounts of that Oscar night, which have placed McDaniel at a segregated table at the back of the auditorium.

Queen Latifah said that McDaniel was stuck playing the same kinds of Mammy parts for the rest of her career.

“And then after that, all she could do is play these same kinds of roles. So the opportinities of that time and the way those in power in that business were relegating us and marginalizing us and not allowing us to grow and thrive after that, you know, was just terrible.”

She added: “A lot of that is still around today.”

HBO Max pulled Gone with the Wind last week after the Los Angeles Times ran an opinion article from 12 Years a Slave screenwriter John Ridley in which he argued that the classic film wrongly celebrates the antebellum South.

The streamer has stated that it will bring Gone with the Wind back at a future date with a trigger warning from professor and TCM host  Jacqueline Stewart. 

Queen Latifah told the AP that the recent #BlackLivesMatter protests are “like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“It’s time, you know, it’s time,” she said. “What an opportunity we have right now… I wish we didn’t have to talk about this stuff but it’s still happening.

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