Video: ‘Cracka’ Movie Imagines America in Which Blacks Enslave Whites

Raging Nation Films/ via IMDB
Raging Nation Films/ via IMDB

The forthcoming movie Cracka flips the script on slavery in America by portraying a Nazi-tattooed, white supremacist  sent back in time to an alternate reality America where black people enslaved whites.

A new trailer for Cracka sees a white supremacist Michael Stone (Lorenzo Antonucci) sporting a Trump sticker on his car attacking a black man on a local street. Michael is eventually sent back in time to an alternate universe where black masters track down escaped white slaves. The films sees white men and women brutalized by the black slavers, white slave girls being raped, whites having their names taken from them, and many of the other brutal actions that historically befell black slaves hundreds of years ago.

“You stole our freedom. Now we steal yours…” the trailer says. “You raped our daughters, what if we raped yours?”

***Language Warning***

“Cracka doesn’t just tackle racism; it confronts it in a way you can’t possibly imagine. This unique series forces us – as a people, society, and overall a collective human unit – to look past color, look past our fears and pain, and see ourselves as people through the much-needed lens of love,” the film’s description reads.

The movie also features rapper Saigon, Hakeen Kae-Kazim (Hotel Rwanda), Kathryn Kates (Orange is the New Black), and James Darnell.

Self-produced by rap music video director Dale Resteghini, the movie does not seem to have a distributor as yet but is set to debut sometime this year — though where it is to debut has not been announced.

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