Pearl Jam Registers as a Political Advertiser on Facebook to Push Joe Biden

Samir Hussein; Alex Wong/Getty Images
Samir Hussein; Alex Wong/Getty Images

Rock band Pearl Jam has registered as a political advertiser on Facebook, spending more than $17,000 on Facebook ads as part of a get out the vote campaign for the upcoming presidential election, The New York Times revealed. The move comes as Pearl Jam members, including frontman Eddie Vedder, help promote the Biden campaign and efforts to push vote by mail.

The band had initially hoped to use a music tour of the battleground states to double as their get out the vote campaign, although they were forced to cancel all events because of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. “Pearl Jam has even registered as a political advertiser on Facebook, spending more than $17,000 in the past week alone,” the Times reported.

Among the ads sponsored by the group include warnings that “democracy is at risk” and urging people to sign up to their “take three” pledge, which involves taking three people to the polls on election day.

“What we’ve attempted to do is really just bring it back down to basics and encourage people to, again, think about what’s important to them,” said band member Eddie Vedder. “And be active and be patient and realize that this election is going to be different than any other.”

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it will stop running political ads immediately after next month’s election for an indefinite period in order “to reduce opportunities for confusion or abuse.”

The rock group, which has hammered President Donald Trump and has revealed itself to be Democratic Party supporters, is also pushing vote by mail as a reliable alternative, despite widespread evidence of the risk of potential electoral fraud. Last week, the group teamed up with the Biden-Harris campaign for a virtual discussion about the importance of voter turnout.

“Wear it proud,” Vedder said last month on the prospect of mail-in voting. “You’ve just participated in the SINGLE GREATEST FORM OF NON-VIOLENT PROTEST. Your voice will be heard. And speaking as a bit of a singer myself, I know that can be a pretty good feeling.”

Last week, the Biden campaign put on an event that featured four of the five members of Pearl Jam, Joe Biden’s wife and Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff. “Tell your friends and neighbors to make a plan to vote. This election isn’t in Donald Trump’s hands, no matter what he says. It’s in our hands,” Emhoff said.

“We the voters determine who the next president is — not him. When you vote, things change. If you aren’t happy with the way things are right now, go vote.”

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