Nolte: Elitist Hollywood Hypocrites Seek to Kill Blue Collar Pipeline Jobs

Emma McIntyre; Kevin Winter; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Emma McIntyre; Kevin Winter; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Now that His Fraudulency Joe Biden has already killed the Keystone XL Pipeline, a mob of super-wealthy Hollywood hypocrites are calling for His Fraudulency to kill the Dakota Access Pipeline.

What we’re talking about with these pipelines is not only a countless number of good-paying, blue collar, union jobs. We’re also talking about a safer and more efficient way to transport oil. Right now, this same oil is being transported by way of trucks and ships, a method that not only pollutes the air with exhaust, but is much more risky when it comes to accidents and spills.

No sane person, including a sane person concerned with the environment, would oppose either of these pipelines. But no one said Hollywood elites are sane:

A letter to the White House signed by a slew of celebrities and environmental activists said that the closure of  the Dakota Access Pipeline is necessary in order “to address the climate crisis and strengthen relationships with Indigenous communities.”

Other stars who signed the letter include Amy Schumer, Joaquin Phoenix, Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Handler, Don Cheadle, Jason Momoa, Robert Downey, Jr., Ed Helms, Kerry Washington, Cyndi Lauper, and Sarah Silverman.

In the long run, these pipelines will not only benefit the environment, many of the “indigenous communities” (which is Condescending Assholespeak for “Indian tribes”), want these pipelines for a whole host of reasons, including income. Yes, once again the federal government is telling Indians what they can and cannot do with their own land — and Hollywood’s cheering this on.

But what about the jobs? Even if we had to import this oil from another country, it is still going to be imported. So someone is going to get work from this. Why not our guys?

If these selfish, fascist Hollywood elites truly cared about the environment, they would take their millions and live happily ever after while demanding their own industry be shut down. Few industries, with their legions of crewmembers, semis full of equipment, power needs, and landfill waste, pollute more needlessly that the entertainment industry.

If Hollywood is so concerned about the environment that they believe Americans should lose their jobs, why don’t they go first and save the planet by quitting their own jobs?

We need oil.

We do not need movies and TV shows.

Hey, I love movies and TV as much as anyone. But they are luxuries we can live without. We cannot live without oil, and we cannot live without the men who produce and deliver the oil.

If, in an effort to save Mother Earth, Hollywood shut down today and stopped producing movies and television shows, we would miss them, but the world would keep right on turning.

If the men who produce and deliver oil stopped their work today, within a week the world would stop cold.

There is not one movie star — not one — who has done more good for humanity than the average oil worker does every single day he punches in.


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