Dakota Access Pipeline

Fitton: Judicial Watch Sues for Info on Dakota Access Pipeline Opposition from Obama Admin

Judicial Watch is leading the way in uncovering the corrupt maneuvering by the Obama administration to impose its leftist agenda on our country. As Obama holdovers and the federal Deep State continue to push this agenda even now in the Trump administration, our work is essential. A good example of this is our new lawsuit on the Obama team’s alliance with radical environmentalists to halt work on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Santa Monica Cuts Ties with Wells Fargo over Pipeline

SANTA MONICA — The coastal town known affectionately — or pejoratively — as the People’s Republic of Santa Monica has decided to cut ties with Wells Fargo bank over its involvement in the Dakota Access pipeline, LAist.com reports. The pipeline was

Santa Monica Pier (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

Energy Expert: Even Obama Admin Admitted Keystone XL Pipeline Was Safe for Environment

Responding to news of the Trump administration’s executive actions moving the Keystone and Dakota pipelines forward, while citing their many benefits, economist Nick Loris told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday, “even the Obama administration’s own State Department said that the Keystone XL pipeline wouldn’t contribute significantly to climate change.”

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Isaac Orr: Pipelines Are Safer than ‘Safe Sex’: a Brief Guide to Understanding Pipeline Safety

The controversy over the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has brought the safety of transporting oil and natural gas to the forefront of the national debate over energy policy, a debate that was recently amplified when 176,000 gallons of crude oil spilled near Belfield, North Dakota. Pipeline opponents say the spill is proof pipelines cannot be operated safely, but the truth is pipelines are much safer than many other human activities, including “safe sex.”