Nolte: Early Numbers Show Golden Globe Ratings Hit All-Time Low

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Hollywood sucks, America knows it, and according to the preliminary numbers, Tuesday’s NBC telecast of the Golden Globe Awards crashed to an all-time low.

Just how much has Woke McCarthyism destroyed award shows by perverting them into pompous lectures?

This year reports Programming Insider, only 5.36 million total viewers tuned in. For comparison, on that same Tuesday night, over at CBS, two out of three of its procedural dramas beat the once-mighty Globes. At 8 p.m., the FBI drew 6.43 million viewers. At 10 p.m., FBI: Most Wanted attracted 5.92 million.

More from Forbes:

At its height, The Golden Globe Awards on NBC, which signal the unofficial start of the awards season, attracted as many as 26.8 million viewers (in 2004, according to Nielsen Media Research). Of course, there were no streaming services or as many cable networks at the time. Translation: less competition. So, virtually every network series, awards shows included, have seem the traditional ratings dwindle over the years. But the long-awaited return of The Golden Globe Awards on Tuesday after a one year absence fell below expectations.

I would just like to interrupt here to point out that in 2020 when there were just as many streaming services and cable networks as there are today, the Golden Globes attracted 18.33 million total viewers.

Jenna Ortega attends the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton on January 10, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Daniele Venturelli/WireImage)

The following year, 2021, the Golden Globes crashed to just 6.9 million viewers, which was the previous record low.

The problem has nothing to do with competition and everything to do with an entertainment industry living under a Woke Terror that has turned entertainment into something insufferable and smug…

Based on the fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen (which are time period based and only approximate), the bloated 3+ hour live extravaganza averaged an estimated 5.36 million viewers. Keep in mind this was based on the 8-11 p.m. ET daypart only and does not include DVR usage or the stats from streaming partner Peacock. Additionally, this was the first time since 2009 that The Golden Globe Awards did not air on Sunday, which traditionally has a higher HUT (households using television) level.

There were no Golden Globes in 2022. The Woke Gestapo shut down the Globes after discovering their membership lacked the appropriate racial quotas. But, with much fanfare, the Globes returned to NBC last night…

And kersplatted.

All the anticipation around the return of the Globes did nothing to juice its ratings. Why? Because everyone knew — correctly, as it turned out — the Globes would spend all three of its hours proving its purity to the Woke Gestapo. In other words, the show would be no fun whatsoever.

The most recent reports tell us the morons at NBC paid around $30 million a year to broadcast the Globes. How dumb are these people? NBC could rerun the 66-year-old Ten Commandments (1956) and attract the exact same number of viewers: 5.36 million.

How humiliating for the Golden Globes and Hollywood in general. A 66-year-old movie that’s been rerun on TV for decades attracted just as many viewers.

Corey Campodonico, Mark Gustafson, Patrick McHale and Gary Ungar at the 80th Golden Globes Viewing and After Party Powered By Billboard held at The Beverly Hilton on January 10, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California. (Michael Buckner/Billboard via Getty Images)


These numbers might improve as more information streams in, but not enough to avoid humiliation.

Left-wing Hollywood is woke-raping these award shows into irrelevance. How much longer are the stupes at NBC going to pay millions of dollars to broadcast something that doesn’t attract more viewers than a 66-year-old movie?

Eventually, unless they straighten up as the NFL did, all of these award shows will eventually self-destruct until they are forced to turn to streaming. These TV networks will only endure these low ratings for so long. For example, on this very day, it’s been announced that the Screen Actors Guild Awards, which had been broadcast on two national cable networks, TNT and TBS, since 1998, have been dumped to streaming. The SAG Award ratings have become so dreadful the once-prestigious ceremony is headed to — lol — YouTube this year and Netflix next year. Why not? TBS and TNT can draw as many viewers rerunning reality shows.

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