Nashville Artist Austin Moody’s Democrat-Slamming Anthem ‘I’m Just Sayin’ Rockets Up iTunes Country Charts After Breitbart Feature

Courtesy of Austin Moody
Photo Courtesy of Austin Moody / Instagram, TheAustinMoody

“This country is about to roll up its sleeves.” These are the words of Nashville country artist Austin Moody in the wake of an outpouring of support for his woke-bashing anthem “I’m Just Sayin,'” which catapulted up the iTunes country music charts and into the top 30, just days after the Tennessee crooner sat down with Breitbart News to talk about the powerful new song that calls out rampant crime, college indoctrination, and trans culture exploiting children.

UPDATE (7/16/23 3:15 PM EST): “I’m Just Sayin'” is currently #8 on iTunes’ country charts.

“I am absolutely floored by the response I’ve gotten on the song,” Moody told Breitbart. With its rapid rise in the iTunes country charts and almost 50 thousand likes on Breitbart’s Instagram in just over a day, it’s fair to say that “I’m Just Sayin,'” is striking a lot of chords with a lot of Americans.

“It just proves to me there’s still a strong moral compass in this country,” Moody added, “and it means that honesty and freedom cannot be independent. You have to be honest even if it costs you.”

The song begins:

They’ve torn Portland all to pieces, let Chicago go to hell
There’s people leaving New York City like they rang the fire bell
They call themselves enlightened but cancel those who don’t agree
I wish all these folks who claim they’re woke would just go back to sleep
I’m just sayin’ Have we all lost our minds?
I’m just sayin’ where do we draw the line
I know ya’ll think it takes balls to be singing what I’m singing
But I’m just singing what you’re thinking


In his previous interview with Breitbart News, Moody provided insight into his decision to release “I’m Just Sayin,” at a moment in time where there have been numerous examples of the Nashville music circles embracing a woke ideology even more.

“Over the past couple years, I’ve been convicted. Seeing a lot of things happening in this country that I don’t agree with. You sit back and think, ‘what can I do about this?'” the East Tennessee native said. “All I could hope for is when people hear “I’m Just Sayin,’” they just know it was written to say we’ve had enough. We live in a society bent on the destruction of the individual. If you don’t fall in line you’ll be cancelled or destroyed.”

But perhaps the most compelling reason for Moody, was the birth of his daughter: “In today’s world, what we’re dealing with, it’s not just about politics. It’s about a darkness that’s now coming for our children. I’ve got a 15-month-old daughter. I don’t want her growing up in a liberal-run America.”

I’m Just Sayin'” was co-written by Mike Loudermilk and Wynn Varble, a veteran country music singer-songwriter, who has penned hits for some of the industry’s biggest stars, including Garth Brooks, Trace Adkins, and Brad Paisley. Varble recently spoke with Breitbart News’ editor-in-chief Alex Marlow on Sirius XM Patriot 125’s Breitbart News Daily and said “I’m Just Sayin'” is a response to “all this woke stuff and how it’s just tearing this whole country apart.”


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