Nashville Artist Austin Moody Credits Fans as His Anti-Woke Anthem Smashes into Top 5 On Country Charts

Nashville country artist Austin Moody never thought he’d have a song in the top five on country music iTunes charts. But after being featured on breitbart, that’s exactly what happened to the young crooner, procuring him the number four spot, amidst industry megastars Jason Aldean, Luke Combs, and Morgan Wallen. But according to the humble rising star, the success of his smash hit, “I’m Just Sayin,'” is “driven by fans. That’s who dictates where this thing is landing on the charts.”

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Nashville Artist Austin Moody’s Democrat-Slamming Anthem ‘I’m Just Sayin’ Rockets Up iTunes Country Charts After Breitbart Feature

“This country is about to roll up its sleeves.” These are the words of Nashville country artist Austin Moody in the wake of an outpouring of support for his woke-bashing anthem “I’m Just Sayin,'” which catapulted up the iTunes country music charts and into the top 30, just days after the Tennessee crooner sat down with Breitbart News to talk about the powerful new song that calls out rampant crime, college indoctrination, and trans culture exploiting children.

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Tom MacDonald, John Rich Anti-Establishment Single ‘End of the World’ Beats Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus to No. 1 iTunes Spot

You don’t come across that many country-rap collaborations in the music world. For one, the two genres don’t seem to share much audience overlap. But sometimes a cross-pollination yields an unqualified hit. Such is the case with the new single “End the World,” a collaboration between indie rapper Tom MacDonald and country music artist John Rich.


Apple Tries to Rescue $3B Mistake in Beats

In an effort to rescue its mistake in overpaying to buy Beats Audio and Music for $3 billion, Apple intends to make tens of millions of high-end headphones obsolete by changing the headphone port on the next iPhone update.

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Apple Music Launches, Devours iTunes

Apple premiered its paid streaming music service at 8:am this morning featuring an industry standard $10 per month on-demand content, curated playlists, and global radio station “Beats One.” The only disruptive shocker in the launch is the $15 per month “family

Apple Music