Shannen Doherty Blames ‘Charmed’ Firing on Alyssa Milano

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Paramount Network Television

Actress Shannen Doherty has broken her silence after all these years about being fired from the hit 1990s TV series Charmed and finally admits that she got fired because of a barrage of complaints from left-wing agitator and fellow series star Alyssa Milano.

This week, Doherty welcomed friend and co-star Holly Marie Combs — the third star of the triad of Charmed’s “Halliwell sisters” — on her podcast, Let’s Be Clear, and the pair began to talk of how Doherty ended up being tossed off the show in 2001.

Doherty insisted that she never quit the show and that it was the far left-wing Milano who worked assiduously behind the scenes to get her fired, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“The narrative that I ‘quit’ was assigned to me by other people,” Doherty said during the podcast. “I didn’t assign it to myself. I think I’m at that point in my life where I don’t want to keep lying about it, and I don’t want to keep lying about something that meant the absolute world to me, something that I loved doing. I loved going to that job. I loved the people that I worked with.”

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Doherty went on to explain that her representatives didn’t think her career could sustain being fired from a second series after being fired by the producers of 90210 in 1994. So, they concocted the story that she quit of her own volition.

For her part, Combs admitted that she was told by Charmed producer Jonathan Levin that Milano was behind Doherty’s firing and that Milano issued an ultimatum.

“[He said], ‘We were told that it’s her or me. Alyssa has threatened to sue us for a hostile workplace environment,” Combs told Doherty. “Because she (Milano) went to the therapist or the mediator or the corporate mediator, whatever the heck his title is, she built a case for herself where she was documenting every time she felt uncomfortable on set and for whatever reason, whereas you and I refused to speak to him. So that’s where the deck was stacked.”

Combs went on to insist that Milano had no real grounds for attacking Doherty. “There were no on-set brawls, there were not even harsh words exchanged. It was all behind the scenes. It was nothing that any of our co-stars or anyone [on set] noticed,” she said.

Doherty also said that the whole situation made no sense to her. “I don’t ever remember being mean to [Milano] on set. I remember an episode that I directed where she did something on the Christmas break, and they asked me to work around some things with her and I couldn’t have been more kind and understanding,” Doherty said.

Doherty went on to explain that since she was assumed to be the star of the show, Milano was jealous and “competitiveness was kicking in” between she and Milano. Doherty added that “there was a lack of female support” from Milano.

The fired Charmed star is not the only member of the series who has lashed out at Milano in recent years. Doherty’s replacement, actress Rose McGowan, has also blasted Milano.

In 2018, McGowan said she does not like Milano because she is a fraud. In 2020, McGowan mocked Milano as “leader of the Karens” for calling the police on a man. And in 2021, McGowan called Milano one of the “lizard people” for her fraudulent actions with the “Time’s Up” movement.

The former Who’s The Boss child star has seemingly left acting behind recently for far left political advocacy. Most recently, Milano was mocked for returning her Tesla and replacing it with a German car because Elon Musk hasn’t ended hunger.

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