Nolte: Walk Back? — ‘Apprentice’ Star Maria Bakalova Claims Trump-Smear Film ‘Is Not a Biopic’

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Maria Bakalova, who plays Ivana Trump in the biopic The Apprentice, is laughably claiming her smear of a movie “is not a biopic”:

“Well, the scene has always been in the script. And I think it’s again, important for the arc of my characters. And I try to look at this. This is not a biopic. I don’t see this as a biopic, because not every single detail of Trump’s life exists in this movie. And I don’t want to say this is a Trump movie. I think this is a bigger movie than just focused on one person that is not completely the same story. And it’s inspired by him, but it’s not a biopic for me.”

“So we used bullet points of real people as inspiration. Same with the script in general. I think the events in the script are important for the story that we’re sharing. We as artists are there to share the story and to make an influential cinematic piece that will make you feel something, make you move. You might criticize it, you might sympathize, but as long as you feel something, it’s important.”

Smells like the new talking points have been released.

The Apprentice is obviously being promoted and sold as a biopic. It is also a multi-million dollar piece of election interference. What’s more, the movie’s director, Ali Abbasi, has openly said he would like to see the movie hit theaters at the same time His Fraudulency Joe Biden and former President Trump are set to debate in September. So it’s being sold as something more than a biopic. It’s being sold as a two-hour campaign commercial to reelect Hunter’s Dad.

The Apprentice is nothing less than an in-kind contribution to the Biden campaign in the form of fake news. The movie reportedly ends with a scene where Trump viciously rapes Ivana. So what we have here is a fake movie with a fake scene, looking to portray the current presidential front-runner as a cold-blooded monster who rapes his first wife and the mother of his children.

The filmmakers do not care that the late Ivana denied this ever happened.

And you can bet that the filmmakers do not care that Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, stands by her claim that her dad showered with her as a young girl.

And you can bet the filmmakers do not care that Tara Reade stands by her credible allegation Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.

So why is the movie’s star backing away from the biopic tag? Probably because the Trump campaign has threatened to sue over the fake rape scene—which they should do. This is naked defamation.

“We will be filing a lawsuit to address the blatantly false assertions from these pretend filmmakers,” the Trump campaign’s chief spokesman wrote in a statement. “This garbage is pure fiction, which sensationalizes lies that have been long debunked.”

“As with the illegal Biden Trials, this is election interference by Hollywood elites, who know that President Trump will retake the White House and beat their candidate of choice because nothing they have done has worked.”

So now it sounds as though the new talking point is to admit the movie is fake, that it is not a biopic, and hope that’s enough to put an end to the lawsuit and encourage some dumb, leftist, anti-democracy distributor to buy it.

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