Nolte: Academy Museum Will ‘Immediately’ Fix ‘Antisemitic’ Jewish Founders Exhibit

American film executives Jack L Warner (left, 1892 - 1978) and Louis B Mayer (1885 - 1957)
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The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures has finally agreed to fix its antisemitic exhibit attacking Hollywood’s legendary (and Jewish) founders. Currently, that exhibit uses the following terms to describe the men who changed the world forever: “frugal,” “nepotistic,” ”harmful,” “womanizing,” “oppressive,” “brash” “tyrant,” “cynical,” “white-washed,” and “predator.”

That attack came only after three years where the bigots who run the Oscars completely ignored Hollywood’s titans, the very men who created Hollywood and the art of the motion picture, to focus on woke nonsense no one — let’s face it, not even the woke — care about — like this:

The exhibit includes the work of early 20th century Black motion picture pioneer Oscar Micheaux (1884-1951) who produced powerful films for Black audiences; Asian martial arts legend Bruce Lee; Latinx director Patricia Cardoso and her moving 2002 film “Real Women Have Curves” about Latinx women in East Los Angeles; and Spike Lee, the Black auteur whose films have served up brilliant social commentary for three decades.

As I pointed out last week, a Hollywood museum that completely ignores Adolph Zukor, William Fox, Carl Laemmle, Harry Cohn, Samuel Goldwyn, Louis B. Mayer, Jesse Lasky, and Jack and Harry Warner, is like a museum dedicated to the history of flight that ignores Orville and Wilbur Wright, a museum dedicated to the lightbulb that ignores Thomas Edison.

(Original Caption) Warner trio selling $69,000,000 film stock. New York: This is the latest photo of the Warner Brothers who parlayed $150 into on of the world’s greatest motion picture companies and who have now agreed to sell the major portion of their film holdings for an estimated $69,000.000. From left are Col. Jack L. Warner, Harry M. Warner, and Albert Warner. They began their movie careers in 1903 in their hometown, New Castle, PA., by purchase of a projector and renting a vacant store to open their first “theatre.” (Bettmann via Getty)

It was absurd. But rather than do the right thing, the broken, ugly, and bigoted people who run the Motion Picture Academy had a tantrum in the form of an exhibit that focused primarily on the real and perceived sins of these titans while ignoring their breathtaking achievements.

(Original Caption) From K-Ration to Butter Cream. Hollywood, California: A huge cake, decorated with the veteran’s emblem, highlighted a “Welcome Home” party staged by Warner Bros. for four of the studio’s returning servicemen. The actors, all of whom will resume their screen careers, stand beside Jack L. Warner as he cuts the cake. LTR: Wayne Morris, Navy flier; Ronald Reagan, Army Air Forces; Jack Warner; Gig Young, Coast Guard; and Harry Lewis, Army.

So, again, as I pointed out last week, the Academy Museum was now like a “museum devoted to civil rights with exhibits focused only on Martin Luther King’s sexual infidelities, Gandhi’s racism towards blacks, and John Kennedy’s whoremongering.”

According to the Wrap, that will finally change because “300 prominent Hollywood Jews” signed a letter of complaint:

“We call on the Academy Museum to thoroughly redo this exhibit so that it celebrates the Jewish founders of Hollywood with the same respect and enthusiasm granted to those celebrated throughout the rest of the museum,” read the letter from the United Jewish Writers, signed by actor David Schwimmer, showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino and business leader Casey Wasserman, referring to “Hollywoodland,” which opened in mid-May.

If they had any guts, they’d be calling for the entire Academy board to immediately resign.

The Jew-hating Academy then released the following statement:

We have heard the concerns from members of the Jewish community regarding some components of our exhibition ‘Hollywoodland: Jewish Founders and the Making of a Movie Capital.’ We take these concerns seriously and are committed to making changes to the exhibition to address them. We will be implementing the first set of changes immediately — they will allow us to tell these important stories without using phrasing that may unintentionally reinforce stereotypes. This will also help to eliminate any ambiguities.

In addition to these updates, we are convening an advisory group of experts from leading museums focused on the Jewish community, civil rights and the history of other marginalized groups to advise us on complex questions about context and any necessary additions to the exhibition’s narrative. We are deeply committed to telling these important stories in an honest, respectful and impactful way.

And notice how the Academy singled out only white, Jewish men for bad behavior, as though no women or gay people have ever behaved badly in Hollywood. Do we honestly believe Mary Pickford got where she did (studio co-owner) without some venal scheming? How about homosexuals like Rock Hudson, Montgomery Clift, George Cukor, or Greta Garbo?

Singling out white, Jewish men for this kind of “special” treatment is an act of naked bigotry.

Hollywood turned over their Motion Picture Academy (the Oscars) and its entire history to left-wing lunatics who despise the industry and got what they deserved.

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