Far Left Vicar Keith Hebden: Arrested Twice and Now 'Fasting For The Poor'

Far Left Vicar Keith Hebden: Arrested Twice and Now 'Fasting For The Poor'

Tomorrow, holier than thou vicar, Dr Keith Hebden will give up food for lent in a move described by the Daily Mirror as “solidarity with all those going hungry in 21st century Britain.” He plans to drink only water and one glass of fruit juice per day.

This is the latest move in a campaign for bigger benefits payments and higher taxes, including the now infamous letter from twenty-seven Bishops to David Cameron. But Dr Hebden is not merely a do-gooder who believes high taxes create happiness, there is a more sinister side.

The curate has been arrested twice. First when he attempted to break into RAF Waddington in June 2013. The protest was timed to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the first UK drone strike. Dr Hebden’s group of six were arrested after they damaged the perimeter fence of the base in Lincolnshire.

In 2009 Hebden was arrested at Gloucester Cathedral after he tried to disrupt a speech by Messianic Jewish preacher: David Silver. He claimed the preacher was in favour of removing Palestinians from Israel, a claim Silver strenuously denies.

Hebden would have been welcome to discuss the issue with Silver earlier in the day at an open meeting, but instead chose to disrupt his formal talk organised by ‘Prayer Walkers’.

The problem here is that Hebden is using his position in the Church to be a political activist, committed to old style hard left policies. And to make it worse his activities, particularly the letter to David Cameron, are presented as acts of a neutral clergy frustrated by a bad government. The reality is much more factional.

The real frustration here is that the ordinary parishioners, most of whom disagree with Hebden, are not properly represented by the clergy. Time after time we see bishops fighting factional wars against Conservative politicians and turning a blind eye to anti-Israel rants by people like Hebden.

Parishioners need to wake up to the fact that the Church of England has been infiltrated by left-wing extremists, hell bent on Labour winning in 2015. They should take control of the General Synod (the Church’s governing body) in a kind of British religious tea party. Only then will the church turn its back of socialism and return to theology.

Over the next forty days expect to see lots of news of Hebden’s fast and how awful the government is. Treat it with the contempt it deserves, it is a political stunt by a professional left-wing activist.


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