Miliband Advisor Axelrod Linked To Rip Off Mortgage Company

Miliband Advisor Axelrod Linked To Rip Off Mortgage Company

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband is facing criticism after the Sun revealed that his new American election guru advised a mortgage company that ripped off its customers. 

The public relations firm owned David Axelrod, who previously advised U.S. President Barack Obama, was paid by Household International which was forced to refund its customers £287m after “gouging borrowers with costly loans and hidden fees”

The firm was recently fined an additional £1.5bn. 

Salesmen at the company reportedly made false promises to customers and ensured borrowers had low levels of equity in their properties so they could not refinance with rival lender.

Axelrod’s action are in stark contrast to the Labour leader’s stated aim of rooting out “predator capitalism”. They also come shortly after revelations that the PR-man lobbied the state of Illinois against an energy price freeze, something that Miliband is strongly in favour of.

Tory MP David Morris told Breitbart London: “David Axelrod was supposed to fix Miliband’s image, but all he’s done is create headaches.”

Despite his track record with questionable clients Axelrod is considered to be skilled political operator. He ran Barrack Obama’s campaign for the White House in 2008 and then his re-election in 2012.

He has been drafted in to improve Miliband’s poor public perception.