Tory MP: Cameron Will 'Tweak' on EU Renegotiation and Try to Sell it as a 'Great Victory'

Tory MP: Cameron Will 'Tweak' on EU Renegotiation and Try to Sell it as a 'Great Victory'

In a speech delivered last night, Tory MP David Nuttall urged that Britain would be ‘better off out’ of the European Union, and claimed that David Cameron would simply try to tweak around with European renegotiation and try to sell it as a “great victory”.

Nuttall, who entered Parliament in 2010 and is the Member for Bury North warned that if Cameron won the next election and did not manage to follow through on his 2017 referendum pledge, his “life would be very difficult”. 

“The Prime Minister’s stance is to renegotiate and put that before the British people,” he said. 

“My view is that he will have a little tweak there, a few words here, a concession here or there and then he will try and sell it as a great victory.”

“We need to look at what we are still signed up for [after a renegotiation] and what that is will be unacceptable for most of the Great British people. For many people, border control is the red line.”

Nuttall implied that he did not think Britain would be able to reclaim control of its borders without leaving the European Union completely. 

“What we need to do to win hearts and minds is to paint a vision for Britain that is bold and outgoing. Not little Englander, but globally minded. That we want to trade with the rest of the world, not be tied down by red tape and bureaucracy”. 

When asked as to whether he thought the issues of immigration and Europe needed to be won back from UKIP, he replied, “I don’t see this as a party political issue. This is about what’s best for Britain. I don’t care if it is a UKIP issue of a Conservative issue”.

Nuttall wrote on his blog shortly after his speech: “There is no way we will have a majority with just Conservative and UKIP voters . This is above party politics. It is about the future of our Country.”