Chicken Flesh Gimp Suit Man Bemuses London's Bankers

Chicken Flesh Gimp Suit Man Bemuses London's Bankers

A man has appeared on YouTube touring the Canary Wharf district of London wearing a ‘gimp’ outfit made entirely from chicken skins. Lewis G Burton risked salt poisoning by bringing his ‘show’ to City workers, according to the Evening Standard.

Burton describes his performance as an “experiment that examines the relationship between identity and its commodification through social medias.” He was sewn into the suit by a colleague, Victor Ivanov. It was made from 6-month-old chicken and was dangerous as the salt content could be transmitted to the Burton through osmosis, he was therefore forced to take it off after 45 minutes.

He walked the streets of Canary Wharf in the suit and even boarded the Dockland’s Light Railway from South Quay. The people he came into contact with were visibly shocked by the performance. The video shows him walking past Cafe Rouge in Canary Wharf and then visiting a branch of Pret-a-Manger.

Burton said: “My dream is to have the flesh persona and identity on lots of products in pound shops, face paints and paper cups – nothing expensive, rubbish that is cheap and nasty.”

His sidekick Mr Ivanov, 30, of east London, said: “Tourists don’t expect it. People who are more local, they are very polite. They were visibly shocked. In Trafalgar Square someone licked the suit. It was horrendous to watch. People would touch it as well and want to check it was real.”

When the pair were at Canary Wharf they are not believed to have ventured to nearby Poplar, where the ISIS flag was flying recently. The local population are known to be unwilling to embrace alternative performance art and are often much more willing to express their views than the financial services workers at nearby Canary Wharf.

This latest performance has emerged after another dubious artist announced he would have casual sex with a different gay man everyday for a year, in the name of art. As Brietbart London reported Mischa Badasyan a Russian born artist now based in Germany has entitled his project “Save the Date”. He claimed he had embarked on the project because anonymous gay sex had made him so unhappy.

It is unclear why he would undertake such a chore given how unhappy his previous visits to gay sex clubs had made him.


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