Tory Councillor: 'Farage is Right About ISIS'

Tory Councillor: 'Farage is Right About ISIS'

A Conservative Councillor has publicly backed Nigel Farage’s policy to strip ISIS fighters of British citizenship, according to Inside Croydon

Mario Creatura who is a councillor in Croydon said on Twitter “They’re British citizens killing innocent people. They shouldn’t be allowed to return to our country and walk among us”.

In response to Farage’s suggestion that it was ISIS fighters who made themselves stateless Creatura said “It’s exactly this sort of idea that makes UKIP and Farage so popular – because he’s right”.  

Earlier this week Farage demanded the Government strip militants with joint nationality of their UK citizenships, and withdraw passports from British citizens who want to travel to the jihad. He also wanted to see those who do not hold UK citizenship but have been granted the right to live here, have that right revoked immediately. 

Both Farage and Creatura were responding to the news that the killer of American journalist James Foley is likely to be a British national. Although no official identification has been made he is now widely rumoured to be 23-year-old Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary from Maida Vale in West London. If this is true then it would mean he could return to the UK to live, and would not be deported after serving any sentence.

There has been some debate in Britain about whether the government could strip citizenship from all the jihadis in ISIS. It is generally accepted that because of treaty obligations the government cannot make people “stateless”. But breaking the treaty would prove to be a popular move.

Cllr Creatura’s comments are likely to bolster UKIP’s position as he is also an advisor to the Conservative MP at the House of Commons. It is rare for Westminster staff to publicly state their views, and rarer still for them to back a rival political party.


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