Galloway Suing Activist Who Accused Him of Supporting Terrorism

Galloway Suing Activist Who Accused Him of Supporting Terrorism

Controversial Member of Parliament George Galloway is suing a Northern Irish campaigner over allegations that Galloway supports terrorism, made during a protest outside Galloway’s Saturday night show in Belfast.

Despite local councillors calling on the Council to drop the booking, as reported last week by Breitbart London, the show Saturday Night with George Galloway went ahead and was a sell-out performance. It also drew a crowd of 200 protesters to the door waving Israeli, Union, and English flags with English Defence League branding.

In the crowd was Willie Frazer, an outspoken critic of Galloway’s and a loyalist campaigner. Frazer is the founder of Families Acting for Innocent Relatives, a support group for those affected by IRA violence. His own father was killed by the IRA in 1975.

In a video filmed at the event which has gone viral on YouTube, Mr Frazer said of Mr Galloway and his audience “They hate Protestants; they hate British; they hate American people; they hate Israeli people. They hate everything that is good in this world… It’s people like this who encourage terrorism.

“Israel has a right to exist. These people want to wipe Israel out.

“We’re not rolling over and laying down… We will challenge him. [People who support terrorism] will be challenged. The days of them doing it and getting away with it are over.”

No arrests were made at the protest.

Pointing to the fact that the IRA currently lies third on the Rich List of terrorist networks with its income of £450 million per year, Frazer also suggested that supporters of terrorism, including Galloway, are in it for the money.

During the video Frazer accuses Galloway of supporting the terrorists who beheaded James Foley last week, remarks which Galloway says “blatantly cross the line”, adding “My solicitor is dealing with it. Let the law take its course.”

Galloway is adamant that he does not support ISIS, nor the violent actions of that group. On the 28th June last year he Tweeted “A Christian Bishop beheaded by Syrian “rebels” while children look on. ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH! Hague? ENOUGH!” He also spoke against the motion for action in Syria during the Parliamentary debate on the matter earlier this year, reasoning that doing so may help extremist rebel organisations.

However, he is clear in his support for Hamas, to which he has donated money. Last week Hamas executed 18 Palestinians outside a mosque on the streets of Gaza, and was accused of war crimes by Army Chief Col. Richard Kemp.

Following the beheading of Foley, Israeli Prime Minister Biyamin Netenyahu said “Hamas is ISIS, ISIS is Hamas”.

Galloway has also alluded to support of beheadings in front of Muslim audiences. He was filmed this year talking to a small group of British Asians about successful actions taken against the council. In the video, which is an excerpt, he says “… by 17, one of the narrowest in the city. And of course the head that we chopped that day was the leader of the council himself. Now we’re going for the former Lord Mayor.” As the audience laughs knowingly, he adds “We specialise in such operations”.