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Cameron Must Ditch 'Leftie Nonsense' To Save Party Says Poll

Cameron Must Ditch 'Leftie Nonsense' To Save Party Says Poll

Cameron’s Conservative Party should ditch “leftie nonsense” according to research by the opinion pollsters ComRes. The poll says traditionally Thatcherite policies like caps in immigration would prove popular with voters.

In recent years the Conservatives have haemorrhaged support from traditional voters to UKIP. The party still remains the dominant Conservative force but for many Thatcherites this is only because they hope Cameron’s replacement will come from their faction. There is also some suggestion that UKIP has made traditional conservatism fashionable again, and this may benefit a more right-wing Tory leader in the future.

Half those polled supported the immigration cap, and there was also widespread support for tougher jail terms and tax cuts. The polling will make uncomfortable reading for the Tory leadership as proposals for plain cigarette packaging and health warnings on alcohol proved extremely unpopular. Both have been flagship ‘nanny state’ policies of the Conservative led coalition.

The only positive news is that withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights is popular. This is one of the few areas David Cameron is in tune with traditionalists, having insisted it be included in the next Conservative manifesto. He also sacked his Attorney General, Dominic Grieve because he was seen to be blocking plans to get out of it.

Grassroots Conservatives chairman Robert Woollard said: “Mr Cameron should ditch the so-called progressive leftie nonsense that those around him think will win votes and focus on traditional Conservative values and policies.

“Capping immigration, cutting taxes and a referendum on Europe are policies that are vote-winners.”

Although Cameron is not known as a right-winger he has shown some willingness to be flexible in the past. When his popularity began to sink in favour of Farage he did offer a referendum on Europe, he then went on to ape UKIP’s policy of taking passports from British ISIS terrorists. The UKIP leader has questioned the sincerity of these new policy positions.

If UKIP polls anywhere near its current level at the General Election the Conservatives will struggle to win as they already have an enormous electoral mountain to climb.


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