Britain's #DayOfUnity On Eve Of Scottish Vote #IndyRef

Britain's #DayOfUnity On Eve Of Scottish Vote #IndyRef

EDINBURGH, United Kingdom – Pro-union Brits will be out in force at six different rallies against Scottish independence. The events are scheduled to take place tonight and follow the successful rally on Monday night in London’s Trafalgar Square (pictured).

The six rallies will take place in: Leeds, Bristol, Belfast, Manchester, London, Sutton and Cardiff. Organisers have called the events a “day of unity” to save the United Kingdom from break-up in tomorrow’s Scottish referendum.

They have warned supporters: “300 years of unity could come to an end in just one day. Let’s come together on Wednesday 17th to show our support for the Union.”

Pro-union supporters across the rest of the UK had been fairly muted until the polls tightened and the vote became too close to call. This has led to claims of complacency by the Better Together campaign against independence. Since the first poll putting the ‘Yes’ side ahead there have been a whole raft of events and new supporters. They hope their efforts will not be proved to be too little too late.

In a statement on Day of Unity’s website they explain: “The Canadian Unity Rally was on October 27th 1995, three days before a critical referendum on the independence of Quebec. With the No campaign trailing in the polls and fearing the destruction of their country, 100,000 ordinary Canadians gathered in downtown Montreal.

“A celebration of culture, family, and national feeling, the Unity Rally was a crucial moment of the referendum campaign, turning the separatist tide.”

It is unclear how large the crowds will be at the hastily arranged events, but thousands flocked to Trafalgar Square on Monday for the first one. It was organised by the comedian Eddie Izzard and the historian Dan Snow. It was also attended by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Sir Bob Geldoff.

Other campaigner including Rory Bremner will appear at the Festival Theatre tonight for a “Show For No” in one final push before the polls open tomorrow morning.


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