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Drones Have Located Jihadi John And Hostages But Ground Mission Impossible

Drones Have Located Jihadi John And Hostages But Ground Mission Impossible

British drones are said to have located Jihad John, the terrorist responsible for multiple murderers of western hostages, but a kill or capture mission is impossible according to the Daily Mail. Reaper drones have been deployed in the skies above the territory controlled by ISIS, and they are believed to have spotted both him and his hostages in their orange jump suits.

However, Special Forces are believed to have told the Ministry of Defence that an attempt to capture him would fail due to the level of security around him. Sources have suggested that he is in Raqqa, the de-facto capital city of ISIS but this is deep in territory controlled by their fighters.

One source said: “The imagery from the drones and satellites is instructive but IS infrastructure in Raqqa would have to be targeted over a sustained period to make any sort of raid a realistic possibility.

“On the basis of our current advice there is very little chance of the Prime Minister signing off a rescue bid. The prospect of success has got to be 100 per cent or thereabouts, and at the moment it is nowhere near that. And for now there are not many other options on the table. 

“While sightings of Jihadi John are useful, as was establishing his identity, we are still a long way off getting a hit on him. Right now a raid would be suicidal.”

Western powers, particularly the British, have been desperate to capture Jihad John because of his campaign of beheading hostages such as Alan Henning. Although the identity of the masked man in the video has never been confirmed there are widespread rumours reported on Bereitbart London that he is 23-year-old Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary.

Mr Bary is known to be fighting for ISIS, and is the son of a former Al-Qaeda press officer who was given political asylum in the UK. Despite his terrorist connections Mr Bary’s father was also given a £1m taxpayer funded home in West London. 

If Jihad John does turn out to be Bary there are likely to be serious questions about how a family of terrorists were afforded a taxpayer funded package that was far beyond the means of most British people.


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