Ebola Patient Dies in Germany

Ebola Patient Dies in Germany

A Sudanese doctor has died of Ebola in Germany after he contracted the disease in Liberia while performing aid work for the United Nations.

The deceased was flown from Liberia to the St. Georg clinic in Liepzig, in the East of Germany last week. St. Georg is one of seven hospitals in Germany with full isolation wards that is equipped to treat Ebola patients, but despite receiving first-class care in a European hospital the 56-year old man died this morning of haemorrhagic fever, nine days after first diagnosis.

When the man was admitted last week he was described as being in a “critical condition, while stable”. He was the third Ebola case in Germany, but others have recovered. The first patient admitted, a Sengalese man, who contracted the virus in Sierra Leone was treated in Hamburg survived and was discharged last week. Another patient, a Nigerian doctor is being treated in Frankfurt.

Germany is taking its preparations for Ebola seriously and unlike other first world nations such as Spain and the United States healthcare professionals treating Ebola patients have not become infected, which reflects on the level of training and professionalism in the German system. It is reported that over the seven hospitals ready to receive Ebola infected, there are fifty beds in full isolation units, and Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich and Hamburg airports are all equipped with quarantine areas to receive Ebola-flights.


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