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Migrant Squatters Take Over 101-Year-Old's House While She Is In Hospital

Migrant Squatters Take Over 101-Year-Old's House While She Is In Hospital

A group of squatters took over a 101-year-old woman’s home whilst she was in hospital recovering from a stroke. Megan Wilkinson’s family only discovered the house had been taken over when they sent an estate agent around because they planned to rent it out to make her some extra cash for medical bills.

The agents visited the £225,000 house on 3rd October only to find it full of duvets, old clothes and bags of rubbish. The house also smelt very strongly of smoke, and a large group of immigrants were living there.

The family quickly called the police but were told it was a civil matter and Mrs Wilkinson would have to pay £4,000 for a trespass order. They then called their local MP, Stewart Jackson who accused the police of “a lack of common sense”.

He said: “I was very concerned that the police were inferring that they couldn’t take any action and that it was a civil matter. What we have seen here is a lack of common sense from the police and a lack of urgency.

“I have made my opinions very clear to the police. Police should be careful about setting a precedence that they are a soft touch. Sometimes the police are too worried about being politically correct.” Jackson also plans to complain to Peterborough Council about immigrant families being prioritised for housing over locals.

Mrs Wilkinson’s daughter Ann told the Daily Express: “It is believed the squatters got into the house as decorators did it up and managed to steal a set of house keys. There were about 14 people but only four said they were renting and 10 were visiting.”

She also said that her mother had lived in the house for 65 years but has now been partially paralysed by the stroke. She requires 24 hour care and the rent would have been used to buy in extra nursing care.


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