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UKIP Support At All Time High After £1.7bn EU Surcharge

UKIP Support At All Time High After £1.7bn EU Surcharge

Support for UKIP has surged once again, this time because of the £1.7bn EU surcharge to the British taxpayer announced on Friday. The ComRes survey for the Independent put Farage’s party on 19 percent, up four points on last month.

The Conservatives, meanwhile, are tied with Labour on 30 percent, putting Cameron up one point and Miliband down five, the worst Labour have done under Ed Miliband’s leadership.

Two-fifths of the public (39 percent) said they are attracted to UKIP because the party says what they think, an increase of six points since April when ComRes asked the same question. Half of Britons (47 percent), including half of Conservative supporters (54 percent) and one in three Labour supporters (34 percent), think that UKIP are talking about the things they care about.

The poll was conducted before David Cameron’s appearance in the House of Commons yesterday in which he confirmed he would not pay the surcharge by 1st Demember. In an angry statement the Prime Minister said he would go through the methodology behind the bill, and not pay “anything like that figure”. 

As reported on Breitbart London, Cameron’s comments led Westminster pundits to suggest he would still pay a large fee in the end, no matter what the bluster.

Any payment towards this bill is likely to see an even larger rise in support for UKIP.


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