US Air Force ‘Shot Down MH370 Fearing 9/11 Repeat’, Says Former Airline Boss

Malaysian Airways

A former airline boss has claimed the missing Malaysian Airways flight MH370 wwas shot down by the US Air Force. Marc Dugain, the former chief executive of now-defunct Proteus Airlines, claimed the American’s feared a 9/11 style attack on the US Air Force base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

MH370 went missing between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, official sources believe the plane went down off the coast of Australia but Dugain believes they are searching in the wrong area. He told the Paris Match website that fishermen in the Maldives had seen a large plane with the Malaysian Airways colours.

He also claimed that intelligence officers had warned him off asking too many questions about the downing of the flight. Instead they had suggested he “let time do its work”.

Dugain explained why he thought the plane was shot down near Diego Garcia: “It’s an extremely powerful military base. It’s surprising that the Americans have lost all trace of this aircraft. Without getting into conspiracy theories, it is a possibility that the Americans stopped this plane.” He believes its systems were hacked and the Americans acted to protect the base.

If MH370 was shot down it would put Malaysian Airways in the unprecedented situation of having had two passenger jets shot down. Shortly after MH370 was lost on 8th March another plane, MH17 was shot down over Ukraine by volunteer forces loyal to Russia.

A total of 239 lives where lost when MH370 crashed, most of the passengers were Chinese, leading to protests in the country. Relatives of those killed claim their government has not done enough to find the plane.


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