British Human Rights Group Calls Jihadi John Suspect ‘Beautiful Young Man’

AP Photo
AP Photo

A Human Rights group founded by a former Guantanamo Bay detainee turned activist Moazzam Begg has blamed British foreign policy and the security services for ‘Jihadi John’ beheading seven hostages as an executioner and propagandist working for the Islamic State.

The notion that the murderer known as Jihadi John, now thought to be born Kuwati-born Mohammed Emwazi, might solely responsible for his actions was questioned by the Cage group today. The organisation have instead published a blog claiming to have been consulted by the Washington Post in the lead up to their revelation of his identity, and have placed the responsibility for the murders of seven foreigners captured by the Islamic State on the British government.

In the blog and then at a press conference held in London today, Cage say of Emwazi: “British authorities have systematically shifted the spotlight away from its foreign policy and its security agencies by placing blame for violence at home and abroad solely on Muslims. British security services have systematically engaged in the harassment of young Muslims, rendering their lives impossible”.

When talking about Emwazi, Qureshi became visibly emotional, remarking he was “such a beautiful young man” before he disappeared. Qureshi made a series of serious allegations against the British state, accusing them of radicalising  Emwazi and others by constantly harassing Muslims and making their lives “impossible”. Qureshi even said Muslims in Britain were “killed, seemingly on the whim of security agents”.

Cage, the self-described human rights group formerly known as the Cageprisoners, was founded by former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg after his release. Begg was arrested and charged last year by British police with terrorism offences relating to the conflict in Syria, but the charges of funding and training overseas terrorism were later dropped after military intelligence were unable or unwilling to properly present evidence for the case.

Begg has since claimed he knew who Jihadi John was, and that he could have arranged to secure the release of ISIS captive Alan Henning, had he not been targeted by the police for terrorism offences.


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