Some Gay People Vote UKIP. Get Over It.

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The leftwing media seem to be taking pride (geddit?) in the fact that a bunch of politically-motivated LGBT activists are trying to ban UKIP from marching in London’s Gay Pride Parade later this month.

You’d think that the “hundreds” (whoa, steady on!) of people who have signed the petition to kick UKIP representatives off the march would have seen their involvement as somewhat of a victory.

“UKIP isn’t homophobic anymore?!” they might have gleefully exclaimed. “We won, we won!”

Of course I’m using their terminology, and their assumptions about the party and its members on the issue. UKIP isn’t homophobic – and nor is its leadership.

But no, anyway. No one’s happy until UKIP is banned from basically everything, ever. Because that’s, like, TOTALLY what democracy and freedom are about. Banning shit. Banning more shit than you can shake a stick at. Unless it’s poppers. Don’t ever ban poppers.

Now I know there are some UKIPers – gay ones, before you ask – who don’t think UKIP should attend the politically-motivated Pride event anyway. But you know what? Just because “hundreds” of lefties might be upset about UKIP turning up, presumably with their playful, “Britain should be out and proud [of the EU]” banners – I think they should do it.

It’s disappointing that some in the LGBT community have taken the, “I’m taking my ball and going home,” approach to the Pride parade. It’s even more worrying to think that the UKIPers who decide to turn up, despite this very public intimidation, might be made to feel unwelcome, verbally abused, or even threatened.

So let’s drop the prejudice against UKIP members just because their political philosophy doesn’t include the trouncing of religious rights that some people seem so desperate to commit.

Some people vote UKIP. And some of those people are gay. Get over it.

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