WATCH: Thatcher think-tanker slams Cameron on EU renegotiations

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Last night’s episode of BBC’s Question Time witnessed an unusual event, namely an out and proud Eurosceptic admitting that there is nothing David Cameron can negotiate with other European governments that could convince her to vote to stay in.

Jill Kirby, former director of Margaret Thatcher’s favourite think tank the Centre for Policy Studies, stands in marked contrast to the likes of Business For Britain’s Matthew Elliott who recently stated: If the Government gets a two-tier Europe, we’re very much in.

In answer to a question as to what changes would convince panellists to vote ‘Yes’ to continued membership of the EU Kirby at first seemed open to debate, replying “big changed, fundamental ones.”

After explaining her position further (see video below) she finally concluded: “I think we can’t go on as part of Europe…we should be standing alone.”

Comment on Twitter was mixed:

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