Gay Editor: Take Your Facebook Rainbow Flags Down, ‘Queers Don’t Need your Patronising Ally Bullshit’


The gay deputy editor of Durham University’s The Tab magazine has blasted heterosexuals who have put rainbow flag icons on their Facebook images, even calling the LGBT lobby’s “fairweather allies” potential “dangerous foes”.

The comments, which will seem bizarre to those who have been lobbied for decades to become allies of the LGBT lobby’s political agenda, come soon after left-wing writer Owen Jones called on corporates to stop supporting gay pride because it was becoming “too mainstream”.

Charles White wrote on his website today:

Call me a cynic, but how long do you really think these pictures will stay up? In a few days, they’re bound to disappear –– one by one, Rainbow filters will be replaced by Instagram Valencia again.

You’re not celebrating anything because you haven’t fought anything, you probably haven’t done anything other than raise an eyebrow reading the BBC News app before following a trend to drape yourself in the Pride flag.

Are you willing to wait for global freedom before you change it? Not that we need you. Queers don’t need your patronising ally bullshit.

He said that people using the rainbow flag were “appropriating… something quintessentially homo”.

It’s a bit rich to see Pride being appropriated by the straight community. It’s like you can’t help it, just slowly sucking every life form of ours away to make it your own.

Just like you changing your profile picture. Well done: yet another thing to steal from us. We can’t even have fucking Pride as our own.

We have to share it with you lot now, invite you down, and engage you. Some bright spark at Facebook HQ probably thought it was a great idea to take something quintessentially homo and use it to show we care about the homos.

Bizarrely, White also claimed that putting the rainbow flag in one’s profile picture didn’t mean anything unless the person’s children were gay in 30 years time.

Maybe I’m being harsh. I’ve not been lynched (yet) so perhaps everything is great. We’ll see in 30 years time if your daughter comes home with her girlfriend. Then we’ll see how much your rainbow flag profile picture meant.


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