UK Cops Create Taxpayer-Funded Gay Police Car for Pride Event

gay police car

Have they forgotten what they’re employed to do, or is this just the latest, logical extension of British police’s new ‘community cohesion’ remit? Either way, the creation of a taxpayer-funded gay police car for Brighton’s pride event this weekend past is at the very least an example of the state going a step too far in its endorsement of, and participation in, a minority rights event.

Think about it. Would they ‘black up’ the car for a Black Power march? Would they daub a police car in crescents and stars for Ramadan? Would they (and I kind of don’t want the answer to this one) stick little yellow stars all over a blue patrol car to mark the European referendum? No? So why a gay police car then? Isn’t that patronising and homophobic in itself?

Although these “stickers” affixed to British patrol cars only cost £225, according to the police, the cult of gay pride has truly captivated the public sector, and indeed politicians who think they can make some quick political capital off the back of it all.

So what do Brighton police expect of this? Well I reckon something actually quite sinister. You see I’m sceptical and suspicious of all arms of the state. As I think everyone should be. Power corrupts, blah blah blah. You know what I’m saying.

And this is a public relations effort that seeks to capitalise, at your and my expense (albeit an admittedly small one in this instance) on the back of all the goodwill being shown towards the LGBT lobby at the moment.

“See, the police love gays. They can’t be all bad!” is what I’m sure PC Plod was thinking when he and his twenty, taxpayer-funded, communications and marketing strategists for Sussex Police came up with the idea.

“We’ll get a bike, and a patrol car, and make them all rainbowy and gay and shit. That’ll be awesome.” Not an actual quote, but I can’t imagine it is far from the truth.

What’s also true is the police bragged about having a stall at the event (cost not disclosed) and were “giving out goodies”. Well that’s just charming, isn’t it? In an area with some of the highest crime in the country, the police are giving out goodies to gay revellers.

The police service force even has its own “LGBT liaison officer”, who boasted last month:

“Not only do we have a duty to serve and protect the public, which very much includes people who identify with one of the many different trans identities, but we support the event for our own personal reasons. The trans community have faced years of oppression and Trans Pride is a fantastic celebration bringing the community together.”

She also bragged about having created a “trans awareness video”.

So there you go – your taxpayer pounds hard at work. Making you more “aware”, giving out “goodies”, and colouring in police cars so they look more gay. Or gay friendly? I suppose all of this makes me a MASSIVE homophobe though, right?

Aren’t you just so proud to live in modern Britain?


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