Top Private School to Join LGBT Pride Parade

Brighton College will become the first private school in Britain to join a Pride parade, with pupils making “peace and love” banners for a float in the city’s LGBT parade.


UK Cops Create Taxpayer-Funded Gay Police Car for Pride Event

Have they forgotten what they’re employed to do, or is this just the latest, logical extension of British police’s new ‘community cohesion’ remit? Either way, the creation of a taxpayer-funded gay police car for Brighton’s pride event this weekend past

gay police car

Bomb Scare Disrupts Gay Pride – Army Detonates ‘Suspect Package’

A major annual gay pride event attracting 160,000 to Brighton on England’s Sussex coast had to be rerouted yesterday after the discovery of a “suspect package”. The start of the 25th annual Brighton and Hove Pride march was delayed as organisers and police worked to agree a

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