VIDEO: This ‘Sexist Air Conditioning’ Interview Has Killed Feminism Forever

Sexist Air Conditioning

Oh silly season, how I love you. The newspapers are filled with absolute crap, our politicians are ignoring major national issues, because all the decent journalists are on holiday, and our 24-hour news channels have to rely on second string hosts and guests to fill time.

I can only imagine this is how someone like Radhika Sanghani manages to get a spot on Sky News to talk about how air conditioning is… wait for it… sexist.

Oh it was such a beautifully infuriating interview. I laughed, I cried, I vomited a little bit in my mouth. And I hope you will too. Not in my mouth, mind you. In your own.

There is nothing better than watching a trumped up, 14-year-old looking, RadFem make a total prat out of herself on live television.

Ms. Sanghani, who has come to personify the death of the Telegraph newspaper – for she is a journalist for their “Wonder Women section” – proceeded to shark jump, multiple times, as she argued that men controlled the sexist air-conditioning, forcing wimmin to be cold, and therefore unfashionable, and resort to wearing “emergency cardigans” in the office.

This is bigger than women’s suffrage, guys.

This is about summer dresses and sandals. No, I’m serious. She ACTUALLY SAID it was about her ability to wear summer dresses and sandals, and commented that if men were comfortable in their suits when she’s too cold, then they should strip down to t-shirts. In the office. Along with summer dresses and sandals. What the hell is going on at Telegraph HQ? Is it now an arm of the Liberal Democrat party?

Ms. Sanghani, the author of “millennial comedy” book “Virgin”… sigh… told Sky, “Often in offices, it is men who control temperatures. That’s just something that I’ve found anecdotally.”

Right. Well I’ve found, “anecdotally”, that “often in offices” it is men who have to do all the heavy lifting, repair jobs, and climbing under desks to fix your computer because the women have knocked out the power cord with their 3-inch stilettos that match their summer dresses.

That sort of stuff makes us hot, and sweaty. And we don’t like to be hot and sweaty, much as Ms. Sanghani hates to be cold. Except the fact is she can throw on an “emergency cardigan” (her words, not mine), while I can’t be wearing a summer dress and sandals around the office. I’m required to look like a professional. With a suit, and tie.

“So what’s the answer?” Ms. Sanghani was asked. “We just need a bit more flexibility. It’s just essentially about common sense.”

Congratulations, you have offered absolutely no solutions to the problem that you are yourself concocting, you complete and utter twat-waffling douche-canoe.

I’ll tell you what the solution is. Wear a cardigan if you’re cold. Take it off if you’re fine. I sometimes do the same with my suit jacket. Really, it’s not a big deal. I totally believe in you to be able to do it. Come on. You’re a big, strong, independent women.


N.B: It’s pretty strange that the Telegraph actually published her article on the subject twice. Once on July 24th, and presumably, because she couldn’t cook up enough controversy for some TV interviews (too early into silly season), they decided to publish it again, today. Not edit the existing article. But to publish the same article, again.


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